Windows 8 review

I recently installed the Windows 8 consumer preview on my media center pc.

Here are my first impressions about Windows 8:



I never expected that Windows 8 would be that fast…

As mentioned above I’m running it on a media center pc. I have only an Intel Atom D525, 4GB memory and a slow 2.5” 5400rpm hard disk installed in this pc. But Windows 8 boots up in about 30 seconds and everything runs very fluently. All the animations of the metro interface or the OS work without any delays.



When I first heard that Microsoft planned to completely replace the start menu with the metro interface i where afraid if it would be useable on a desktop and productive environment.

But after several days of usage and experimenting with the interface I’m now really used to it.

After arranging the applications in different groups for office, development, communication, email and so on, I’m really happy with the metro menu and able to find all the applications I often use very quickly.


Looking forward to the release of the final version…

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