Cloud Storage Comparison

Dropbox vs. vs. Microsoft SkyDrive vs. Google Drive


For a long time, dropbox was the only cloud storage service to provide a real simple Windows Explorer integration and sync. Non of the other services, like, Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive had something comparable.

Sure, Microsoft SkyDrive had the Windows Live Mesh client, but was it really useable? As it was limited to 5 of the whole 25GB, for me not. Dropbox instead, with its nearly perfect client, was a bit to expensive, as soon as you need more space (50GB sell for 7.50 € per month). Google Docs was at all limited to 1GB space and provided many space (for a few tablet owners free 50GB) but no client application.

A few days ago, Microsoft and Google launched new versions for their cloud storages.

Microsoft offers now 7GB free storage (still 25GB for users who registered before the 1st of April) and a client which works quite similar to the dropbox client. If you need more space, expansions are much cheaper than for dropbox, 20GB cost only 8€ per year.

Google launched the new service “Drive”, which completely replaces the Google Docs, on the same day. They are providing 5GB of storage and also a client application. Further to the integration into Windows Explorer the client also allows you to select which folders you want to sync between hour PC and Google Drive. Very nice feature for users with only limited space on their hard drive, in times of expensive SSD drives something one might worry about. Further space is a bit more expensive than the SkyDrive space, 25GB cost around 1.90 € (2.49 USD) per month.



Dropbox Microsoft SkyDrive Google Drive
Free Storage 2GB (more free space for sharing,…) 5GB (more free space for tablet owners, e.g. Sony Tablet S) 7GB (25GB for registered users before 1st April) 5GB
Windows Client yes not free yes yes
Mobile Client yes yes no (no official for Android) yes
Applications none several free, and buyable (in Browser editing, etc.) free online editor for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote free online editor for Google Docs formats
Price of extra storage 50GB for 7.50 € /month 25Gb for 7.50 € /month 20GB for 8€ /year 25GB for 1.90 € /month



The services of Microsoft and Google can now, with the new client applications, compete with Dropbox. And with their low prices they try to attack Dropbox. Maybe Dropbox will lower their prices soon too.

With the decreasing prices, Cloud Storage may get more and more interesting for everyone who wants to access all if his/her data everywhere.

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