How to keep track of your working time

If you are working on multiple projects for multiple clients at the same time as I do, you might also think that recording your working hours for each project you are working on is one of these things that cost way too much time.

Especially since I have to record my working time in a not so modern and pretty user unfriendly ERP system, I don’t “enjoy” – that’s not the right word, nobody enjoys that – recording my working time in it. So I usually enter my working time into the system at the end of the week. But that brings up a new problem: I have to note down what I have done, otherwise I won’t know the exact times later.

Since a few months I’m now using for my time recording. It not only provides a userfriendly web interface and smartphone apps. It also provides a Windows Desktop App with a mini-timer.

mini timerThe mini timer is a smapp widget which shows a start/stop button and the currently selected project, the title of the entry and the time since starting with it.


Keeping that timer on top of the desktop doesn’t cost much space and helps enormously to not forget to switch the project when answering a call or a newly received email message.

The desktop app shows the same as the mini timer and additionally all tracked tasks in chronological order. For each task, it shows the title, the project (with selected color codes) and the time. It also groups entries which belong to the same task and gives you the option to work on the same task again by justing pressing the “play” button next to the entry.

If you don’t need high amounts of reports, team collaboration and invoicing, the free version of the app might be sufficient for you as well.

If you want to try it yourself: